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The winter of 2015 most

The winter of 2015 most likely gave us the lowest snowpack in 500 years. That year also was the hottest year ever recorded. The combination of low precipitation and high temperatures is especially damaging to our groundwater supplies. Good stuff!! Some great spirited banter at last!! No mention of a SC team for a few […]

The other is Leawood

The other is Leawood 801 Chop House.Thorne Thomsen said he is a huge wine fan, and he enjoys bringing that passion for the vine to his customers.I source the best ingredients, I also source the best available wines for our list. Great wines always enhance a good meal, Thomsen shared. And Rosso atop the Hotel […]

This makes your

This makes your strips neater and you can easily make them into a roll while braiding if you want. 2) it helps to have 2 people working when braiding 1 to hold and 1 to braid. An alternative is to tie the braid to a door knob, braid for a bit while walking backwards (keep […]

Never swim alone··

Never swim alone. Here for more information about lessons and classes at the YMCA. Each class costs $4.00, and doesn require a participant to preregister. And tickets have a hefty price tag at venues of all sizes: A newly announced Dolly Parton show at a 2600 capacity Northeast Ohio casino offers seats starting at $99.50 […]

Since the majority of

Since the majority of your cooking work will be done at the time of the event, take a moment to prepare some quick drinks. Make your work easier by having sweet tea and lemonade, which is easy to make more “adult” by adding your favorite liquor (rum, whisky and vodka are all easy solutions). This […]

The entire

The entire reason single payer healthcare in which one payer, the taxpayer, pays for healthcare or a public health insurance alternative to the private insurance companies didn’t make it into the final healthcare reform bill was because of corporate owned senators like Max Baucus, Joe Liebermann, and the entire GOP caucus. It isn’t because they […]

Has a point when

Has a point when she argues that the dispute isn the way Minnesotans should be making policy. In 2015, the measure advanced amid the end of session rush, in the middle of the night, with limited hearings, as part of larger bill. This year, measures were considered on short notice, she said, with a lack […]

AT general counsel, Wayne Watts,

AT general counsel, Wayne Watts, said the cellphone business is “an incredibly competitive market,” with five or more carriers in most major cities. He pointed out that prices have declined in the past decade, even as the industry has consolidated. In the most recent mega deal, Verizon Wireless bought No. After all, in the past […]

An April 5 Rasmussen

An April 5 Rasmussen poll found 48 percent of Americans said they identify more with the views of the Tea Party movement than those of the president. That same poll said 44 percent of Americans identified more with Obama than with the Tea Party on major topics. Common sense says the Tea Party movement wouldn’t […]

Shop and art deco

Shop and art deco home in Kyogle: Set right in the heart of Kyogle town centre, in Roxy Lane, this deceased estate features an original art deco style three bedroom home and a good sized shop. The properties will be offered as a package or separately. Listed with PRD Nationwide Kyogle. Your doctor could do […]