An April 5 Rasmussen

An April 5 Rasmussen poll found 48 percent of Americans said they identify more with the views of the Tea Party movement than those of the president. That same poll said 44 percent of Americans identified more with Obama than with the Tea Party on major topics. Common sense says the Tea Party movement wouldn’t be experiencing such widespread public support had those involved held racist views.

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Because public money is tied to the aquarium, we started digging to make sure the tourism attraction doesn become a drain on the city.Downtown Gulfport is a busy place these days. Tons of dirt are coming in to make way for the aquarium, but it won’t be cheap.The total cost? $93 million, including $56 million for construction, more than $12 million for start up costs, including buying animals, $10 million for design and engineering, and more than $14 million for land acquisition.Aquarium backers say it will be worth it.believe it’s an investment in the future of the Gulf Coast, because we are so lacking in a diversity of entertainment for families. I think this will add to that list, and it will fill up a hole that’s currently there, said Gulfport Redevelopment Commissioner Carole Lynn Meadows.A good portion of the cost will wholesale nba jerseys come from taxpayers, about $57 million.