Be wary of cheap sunglasses! While y

Be wary of cheap sunglasses! While you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get 100% UV protection, you should buy from a trusted source. A Today showtest of cheap sunglassesfrom a Times Square souvenir shop found that some did not offer the level of protection they advertised. Look for inexpensive sunglasses from a name brand that you trust, or ask your eye doctor to check your sunglasses at your next appointment.

Sold out so fast, Mahar recalled. Are doing two a week. Text >At Wilton Woods on Westport Road, Mahar is in his own element as trees crowd close to huge windows running the length of the offices, with doors opening onto large terraces bringing people closer still to the surrounding copses.

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Now prices everywhere are falling, but Western drivers are still paying far more than the national average. California and Nevada drivers are both paying more than $3 per gallon on average, and the top 11 state averages are all out west. The lowest prices are found in the Southeast and near the Gulf Coast..

Regular season record: 11 1 2: One year before their infamy of Super Bowl III, the Colts were the NFL powerhouse. Johnny Unitas and company went into the season final week UNDEFEATED. But because of the lack of any wild cards, they needed to beat the 10 1 2 Rams just to make the playoffs.

You can’t see it, but the mine makes it’s presence known on Keysville Road. You can hear the dragline hit the ground and the whistles that begin and end the work day. Sometimes, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s, a strong ammonia smell and yellowish dust would waft over the houses.

In Mexico, the meat cheap jerseys for pork al pastor is cut into larger slabs and marinated with fresh pineapple and chile, sometimes with orange juice, sometimes with achiote for a more dramatic orange color. Enzymes in the fresh pineapple start breaking down the meat before it is cooked. The meat is stacked on a vertical rotisserie and cooked exactly like shawarma chicken or gyro meat in the Middle East, rotated before a fire and shaved from the outside as it cooks.