Super Saturday promotions all season, with bobble heads and other bonuses. Postgame concerts from Flo Rida, Kaleo, and the Avett Brothers. Pick 6 ticket deals starting at $90 for 6 games. “Our plan is not to impact the general fund at all next year,” district Superintendent Bill Huyett told the Daily Planet after the meeting. “There will be a reduction in some staff and we are proposing a small increase in meal costs. We will have to continue to increase the number of students eating lunch.

Of course much of it is a racket so are most things. But it gives people jobs and things to do and gives some people an outlet for their creativity. Would you have us all dress in battle fatigues? Or all the same the way they used to in some Communist countries? At least fashion is something we can do something about and if we are not interested we can look the other way..

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Misguided mandates add up to an undue burden that falls heaviest on businesses with fewer resources. We have argued on these pages that the measures ultimately will hurt the people supporters aim to help. Unintended consequences include businesses that will close or relocate affecting the job growth so vital to stable families and communities because it is simply easier to do business elsewhere.